Celebrating the Awesome Beauty of the Lord's Tropical Reef in a Home Marine Aquarium

Mac & Dell's Brooklynella Experience


About two days after we added Mac & Dell to the QT they began to show signs of some type of distress, especially Mac. His flesh seemed to be sloughing off and he wasn't eating at all. We discovered they had a bacterial disease called Brooklynella that is certainly fatal if not treated immediately. In addition to the Brook Mac also showed signs of Fin Rot and a nasty lesion on his left side just in front of the tail. The next pictures show how Mac looked before we started treatments.


Mac's Skin Sloughing


Mac's Lesion


Treatment involved three separate 45-minute dips in a solution of Formalin (essentially Formaldehyde) spaced three days apart.  You can see the bottle of Formalin 3 in the picture below. We used an empty Instant Ocean pail filled with exactly 1 gallon of fresh SW. We added a heater to maintain the water temp at about 75-76 degrees. We also added an airstone since the Formalin tends to deplete the oxygen content in the water. Once the 45 minutes is up, we removed the fish to another bucket with fresh SW just for a momentary dip to remove most of the remaining Formalin on their skin. After the dip they were added back to the QT.


Formalin Dip Equipment & Setup


In the interim the QT was treated with Maracyn-Two antibiotic to help treat and secondary problems including the Fin Rot which showed up on Mac's left pectoral fin and the lesion by his tail. The situation did not look good, especially for Cathy and me since we'd never had to do any of this before and were essentially clueless. Thanks to many wonderful and knowledgeable folks at Reef Central were were able to help the pair through the illnesses and to a full recovery! Cathy had to do much of this on her own because it happened on a weekday and I had to be at work! She really did a fabulous job and I was very proud of her! Praise the Lord!

Here are the pair after the worst was over. Dell never really had anything to speak of but we treated her right along with Mac just to be on the safe side. Mac's lesion still looked bad but it was healing quickly when this photo was taken.


Mac (on left) and Dell


Finally after 3 weeks in the QT Mac & Dell were ready to make the move to their new home. We added them to the main tank on April 10th, a day after adding a beautiful BTA (Bubble Tipped Anemone). Not long after adding them to the main tank they discovered the BTA and have been hosted ever since! Note that Mac's lesion has cleared up quite a bit, but now there's a gap in the white marking leading to the tail whereas before the lesion the stripe was a solid and unbroken. No matter, now the left side matches the right!


Mac & Dell Enjoying Their New BTA Home!