Celebrating the Awesome Beauty of the Lord's Tropical Reef in a Home Marine Aquarium



Here are our corals to-date. Our first two occupants were added to the tank on April 3, 2004 . They were a beautiful Kenya Tree and a perfect little Open Brain.

Update on 09/11/04: The Kenya Tree outgrew our tank so we traded it in at the LFS for store credit. A beautiful coral but grows a bit too fast and gets a bit too big for our 135 gallon tank.  

Kenya Tree

Open Brain


Our next corals were added to the tank on April 24, 2004 . They are a Toadstool Leather and a beautiful Pistachio green Candy Cane (Trumpet) coral.


Toadstool Leather

Candy Cane (Trumpet)


The next three corals were picked up on May 1st, 2004 from a local reef keeper we met through the Atlanta Reef Club. We stopped by her house and picked up these three frags which have done very well in our tank.

Update on 11/06/04: Our beautiful Xenia finally died this week. It had been deteriorating over the past several weeks for no understandable reason. We'll replace it very soon since this is one of my favorite coral varieties.


Pulsing Xenia


Green Motipora




On May 28th while visiting one of our favorite local fish stores (LFS) I noticed a striking coral. The owner refered to it as a Hydnophora. I put down a deposit and went home to do some research. I brought Cathy back the next day and we decided to complete the sale. This specific specimen is a Hydnophora Rigida and as the picture shows, it is a very striking neon green... beautiful to look at! Because it is very dangerous to other corals, we placed it by itself on the sandbed in a spot where it will get plenty of light.


Hydnophora Rigida

On Saturday, June 12, 2004 we stopped by one of our favorite local fish stores (LFS) and picked up another beautiful Zoanthid colony (orange & green with pink centers) as well as a pink Montipora.



Pink Montipora

On Friday, August 27th we stopped by our favotite LFS (Capuccino Bay) to pick up Cathy's Hawaiian Dwarf Moray and while there I decided to bring home the slightly wounded but healing Frogspawn (aka Euphyllia divisa). He was slightly damaged during shipment but the store owner (Bobby) managed to halt the deterioration and nurse the coral back to health. We decided he needed a home with us where we could continue the healing process and watch him thrive!

Frogspawn (aka Euphyllia divisa)

Finally had a chance to get some better shots of our Mushrooms (aka Actinodiscus). We originally got them for the Nano tank but after putting them in the main display we've decided to leave them there! They're really beautiful!

Actinodiscus cardinalis (Red Mushrooms)

Actinodiscus metabilis (Speckled Mushrooms)

Since the tank has been up and running now for about 9 months we decided to try our first Acropra. Here's a beautiful blue variety we located high up on the RH side of the tank.

Blue Acropora