Celebrating the Awesome Beauty of the Lord's Tropical Reef in a Home Marine Aquarium

Favorite Links


Reef Related Sites

Reef Central - IMHO, the finest Marine Reef Aquarium web resource!

Melev's Site - A very informative sight created by Marc Levenson which deals primarily with custom acrylic sumps, but includes much useful information all around regarding the marine aquarium hobby and fish/coral husbandry. I learned A LOT here!

Richard Durso's Standpipe Site - An innovative overflow box standpipe design that virtually eliminates waterfall noise and messy cleanup of sponge filter media.  A must have for folks with older style AGA and Oceanic standpipes.

The Reef Tank - an online community for reef hobbyists.

The Atlanta Reef Club - Local Atlanta reef club that we have finally joined. A lot of great folks here with much to offer. We are looking forward to becoming much more involved in the days to come. They also have a discussion forum.

Politics Related Sites

The Drudge Report - Can't make it through a day without my Drudge fix!
The Weekly Standard - Great site for conservative political commentary.
The Best of the Web
- Wall Street Journal editorial website where you'll find the daily "Best of the Web" commentary by James Taranto.
Real Clear Politics - Excellent commentary of daily political happenings as well as a section on daily/weekly election polling averages.