Celebrating the Awesome Beauty of the Lord's Tropical Reef in a Home Marine Aquarium



We finally decided to purchase our first two fish, a pair of True Perculas (Clown fish) on March 13th. We named them Mac & Dell since this house is full of computer geeks! We believe Mac is a male and Dell a female (she's a bit bigger). The picture below shows the two (Dell on top) after being added to our quarantine tank (QT). Shortly after adding them to our QT they came down with Brooklynella, a serious bacterial infection. You can follow that trail here.

True Perculas (Dell (on top) and Mac


Mac & Dell Enjoying Their New BTA Home!


Here's a shot of our male Lyretail Anthias. We picked him up at Imagine Ocean on May 15th but haven't named him yet. We're waiting for the arrival of his harem (4 wives) next week sometime before we name the family.

Psuedanthias Squamipinnis (Lyretail Anthias)


After moving the Anthias from the QT to the main tank on May 22nd he located the cleaner shrimp and pulled us for a bath! Amazing to watch!

Anthias and Cleaner Shrimp Interacting Near Toadstool Leather Coral


When we experienced a fairly serious Flatworm infestation we used a good bit of Salifert Flatwork Exit but couldn't seem to get rid of all the worms. We added a Sixline Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) since they are known to eat flatworms. Unfortunately this guy didn't seem to care for them but we're keeping him since he looks awesome. It's difficult to get a good picture of him, though... but I'll keep trying!

Here's the Sixline cruising past the anemone.


After we started struggling with an algae outbreak we added some herbivores to help us combat the infestation. We found two great fish to help; a beautiful Foxface (Siganus unimaculatus) and a Brown Tang (Zebrasoma scopas). As soon as they were added during the week of August 23rd, 2004 they bagan harvesting.

Foxface Caught with Algae in his mouth!


Here's the beautiful Scopas Tang posing for a shot!


We also added a gorgeous Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto) to give the tank a splash of yellow and purple. He looks striking!

Royal Gramma yawning after a great night's rest!