Celebrating the Awesome Beauty of the Lord's Tropical Reef in a Home Marine Aquarium

Phytoplankton Factory


Live corals and clams in marine aquariums need very small microalgae as nourishment and by far the most popular food is phytoplankton (Nanochloropsis). After spending waaaay too much money on DTs Phytoplankton we decided to take the plunge and establish our own Phytoplankton factory in the basement. Using helpful information provided by Marc Levenson at his website we were able to build and establish the factory in about an hour (after we'd procured all the paraphernalia). This link takes you to Marc's phyro culture page where you can also find a link to Flame Angel's very helpful page. Use the information at Flame Angel's page to order the items you'll need to establish the initial phyto culture.

Here are a couple shots of our installation in the basement.